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6th Oct 2018, 3:05 PM in Chapter 5
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Rocktopus 6th Oct 2018, 3:05 PM edit delete
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Gabrielli 6th Oct 2018, 3:27 PM edit delete reply
Ah, the curse of us tall people.
Rocktopus 6th Oct 2018, 3:40 PM edit delete reply
feels bad man
Bookeater 7th Oct 2018, 7:03 PM edit delete reply
Amen to that
Alex Groggett 20th Jul 2019, 5:57 AM edit delete reply
Sturzkampf 6th Oct 2018, 6:36 PM edit delete reply
At least Ms Colleen can still scream for help, which is always a good sign - at least compared to screaming in agony or not screaming at all.
Rocktopus 7th Oct 2018, 2:50 AM edit delete reply
Maybe she just hasn't hit the ground yet ;)
Packless1 7th Oct 2018, 8:51 AM edit delete reply
@Sturzkampf leared in the 1st.-Aid-Course: First you care about the silent ones, the scraming patient is at least still breathing...!
Lisekmaly 6th Oct 2018, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
On the one hand I am happy Colleen is Alive, on the other I just lost two bags of chips for the next session. Though Sandra and Tess will probably argue with each other who was closer.
PS Neat trick, Tess will probably shamelessly steal it for one of our sessions XD
Rocktopus 7th Oct 2018, 2:51 AM edit delete reply
Giving DM's evil ideas is 50% the reason I started this comic in the first place
padanew 7th Oct 2018, 4:56 AM edit delete reply
Small creeping bugs are almost as bad as large hulking bugs.
Rocktopus 8th Oct 2018, 2:19 AM edit delete reply
They're worse, imo
URBAM 7th Oct 2018, 5:32 PM edit delete reply
"Whatch your...
Rocktopus 8th Oct 2018, 2:20 AM edit delete reply
It's the one thing you can't dungeon crawl without!
Lurker 16th Oct 2018, 5:45 PM edit delete reply
Well, depending on which set of rules you're using, you could be a headless undead PC... :-D
Rudofaux 7th Oct 2018, 9:36 PM edit delete reply
A high trigger for a floor trap. If I didn't know any better. I'd say these rooms are aware.
Rocktopus 8th Oct 2018, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
Heavy and light pressure plates work good, too, if you're dealing with characters that have significantly different weights
Thorin Schmidt 8th Oct 2018, 2:00 PM edit delete reply
A trap worthy of the Legendary Grimtooth himself! Actually, that one was a bit tame by his standards, I guess, but still dastardly! Can't wait to use it!
Rocktopus 8th Oct 2018, 4:40 PM edit delete reply
Let me know how they react!
Andrew_C 8th Oct 2018, 5:01 PM edit delete reply
Still, IIRC there were a few that lead the victims into a false sense of security, then WHAM! TPK. Although TPK's are bad form unless it's the players stupidity causing it. Like setting off a fireball at ground zero in an extremely narrow corridor. After you asked them if they are sure they want to do that.

To this day I'm not sure if my players were just unusually incompetent, or if I was unusually nasty as GM's go
Guanabana 9th Oct 2018, 12:45 AM edit delete reply
Now we are even.
Guanabana 9th Oct 2018, 4:42 PM edit delete reply
Or soon will be Even... O_O Human don die the Dwarf will save you ... English is hard
Rocktopus 9th Oct 2018, 8:50 PM edit delete reply
Might be too late
io 10th Oct 2018, 3:40 AM edit delete reply
trap set at precisely at star of the county down's height to get dwarf alone..
Rocktopus 10th Oct 2018, 4:16 AM edit delete reply
"Star of the County Down"
I understood that reference
Lurker 16th Oct 2018, 5:56 PM edit delete reply
One may take comfort in the fact that Colleen is writing this series of events after the fact in her letter, so she will survive.

But in what *state* she survives, is a totally different story. :-D
melaredblu 26th Oct 2018, 4:13 AM edit delete reply
Still think her fear of the dark isn't justified, Randulf?