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23rd Sep 2022, 6:25 AM in Chapter 9
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Rocktopus 23rd Sep 2022, 6:25 AM edit delete

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melaredblu 23rd Sep 2022, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
If she's not gonna cry, I might. There's just something incredibly sweet about his flippant admittence here.

Also, maybe while he's toasted, she could get him to say what he was looking for...
someone 23rd Sep 2022, 7:15 AM edit delete reply
"Don't worry. I, Link, the green boy who is definitely not Colleen, am known for my silence."
:) 23rd Sep 2022, 12:12 PM edit delete reply
... and I sell beer for secrets; good beer! What have you lost? :)
Sturzkampf 23rd Sep 2022, 7:31 AM edit delete reply
He’s coherent, upright and wearing trousers. By Randulf standards, that’s almost stone cold sober.
jako 23rd Sep 2022, 8:32 AM edit delete reply
Upright in this case not only refering to his position but also to his words.
Jako 23rd Sep 2022, 8:35 AM edit delete reply
This comic gets more and more endearing by the page. I could write an entire eassay about what i love about this comic.
Mostly Solo 23rd Sep 2022, 10:09 AM edit delete reply
I think it is not the best time to ask his opinion if they should include any new members in their party, i guess.
Bookeater_otaku 23rd Sep 2022, 10:12 AM edit delete reply
Ouch, right in the conscience.
Oldarmourer 23rd Sep 2022, 2:24 PM edit delete reply
If you want to hear the truth from a man (or Dwarf) get him good and drunk.
"For out of the mouths of babes (and drunks) comes truth"...and vomit.
SomeDude 23rd Sep 2022, 2:38 PM edit delete reply
sad...but at least...honest? even if he doesn't realise?
Microraptor 23rd Sep 2022, 8:00 PM edit delete reply
Coleen: "I promise I won't tell Coleen!"
padanew 24th Sep 2022, 3:32 AM edit delete reply
Truth is good. Truth with tact is better.
chris-tar 24th Sep 2022, 3:54 AM edit delete reply
Randulf does care about Collen.
Chris-Tar 24th Sep 2022, 3:55 AM edit delete reply
Randulf does care about Colleen.
David Argall 25th Sep 2022, 9:55 PM edit delete reply
Not necessarily like her. He could even hate her. But you have to support your partner, especially in cases like Marblegate. Otherwise, you will die the first time you need your partner's help, [In theory you could fool your partner, but sooner or later, partner figures out that you are not reliable and leaves, usually when you really need him to stay.]