Comment Section Rules

These are the current rules for the comment section on this site. These rules may be subject to change as the need arises, or new problems emerge. Please read the rules before making a post or comment, and check back frequently.

What is not allowed:

The following is not permited. Any comments or posts that are found to violate one or more of these rules will be removed immediately, and without notice. This Comment Section Rules page is your only warning.

1 – Illegal content. This site is required to follow the laws of the country of Canada. Any comments or posts that are discovered by the site owner to violate Canadian law will be removed immediately and without exception.

2 – Adult content. Any posts or links containing, or linking to, adult (+18, NSFW, ect) content are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, pornographic content, real-world violence and/or gore, real-world abuse towards people or animals.

3 – Spam. Spam will be removed. Copy-pasting the same comments and repeat posts are not allowed. Large numbers of similar posts will be removed.

4 – Unsafe Links. Unsecured links (links without https, that lead to a site that is Not Secure, not Private, or not protected with the padlock symbol in the address bar) are not allowed. The only exception are links to pages hosted on this comic site, or links to other ComicFury-hosted comic sites. Links to any suspicious-looking sites or ANY kind of download site whatsoever will also be removed immediately, even if they are https secure.

5 – Large images and text. Images that exceed 500x500 pixels are not allowed to be directly posted to the comment section. Please use an image-hosting site like Imgur for larger images and post the link instead. Comments that exceed 4000 characters will be removed.

Posts and comments that violate these rules will be deleted without warning. This site, its owner, and any staff, hosting sites, or affiliates, are not responsible for any content posted by its users, guests, readers or visitors, both on and off site. By posting, you are agreeing to this, and are agreeing to the above rules. The owner and any managers of this site reserve the right to remove any kind of content posted to it (either by themselves or by the users, guests, readers and visitors of the site) for any reason and without warning if they deem it necessary.


What is recommended:

The following will not get your comment removed, but I respectfully ask that you follow these rules out of respect for other readers.

1 – Limited image posting. Posting images in the comment section is currently allowed. However I ask that you keep image-posting to a minimum. If you want to post an image, it is preferred that you upload it to an image-hosting site (like Imgur) and post a link, to keep the comment section from becoming crowed with images. If this becomes a reoccurring problem, I will remove the ability to post images.

2 – Go easy on the politics and real-world issues. This comic is a fun fantasy comic to provide some escapism from real world troubles. You are allowed to post your opinions, even if they are offensive, but please try and keep off-topic political and social-issue discussion civil, and to a minimum.

3 – The comment section works on a “Don't like it, don't read it” rule. Please do not ask me to remove opinions that you find offensive or disagree with. I will not remove them if they don't violate the above rules. If you do not like the comments in the comment section, please manage yourself by not reading them.

4 – Be respectful. In general, treat others with decency and remember that you are talking to other human beings. You are allowed to be an asshole if you really want, but I ask that you please don't be. Let's have fun and enjoy fantasy adventures together.


These rules may be subject to change if new issues arise or present themselves.

Last updated: December 2020.